Return…and I’ll Return to You

Have you ever been treated with contempt when you thought you were being gracious? Your heart was right, and the act sacrificial, but those on the receiving end didn’t welcome the gesture. In fact, you were met with hostility. 

When this happens, depending on the parties involved, the sting can be lethal. “How could they have missed the cues,” we wonder? 

Reconciliation is like that. It only works as a two-way street. A hand extended can be slapped away. Though it hurts, the offer needs to be made. 

King Hezekiah sent his priests and messengers throughout Israel and Judah to call the nation back to worship the living God. The hand of God was extended in compassion, but the reaction was mixed. In fact, only a minority responded in kind. The rest laughed.

Christmastime reminds us God’s hand is extended waiting for a response. It’s an invitation to return.

How far away are you? Am I? Is pride, or possibly some other human barrier, the obstacle to receiving what only God can give?


Today’s Scripture:  2 Chronicles 30:5-12

“The couriers went from town to town in Ephraim and Manasseh, as far as Zebulun, but the people scorned and ridiculed them.”   II Chronicles 30:10

Application for Life: Lord, thank You that You made the offer that night in the stable. Help us to recognize Your invitation  and return.

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