Reassurance in Our Insecurity

Reassurance in Our Insecurity    In these times of trouble and turmoil, life is getting stripped down to essentials that we need to remember. This time will eventually pass, but there are lessons to carry forward. What do you know that will never change? This story may help uncover a truth you need:     Years ago, I had the joy of spending an extended weekend with my grandson. This seven-year-old was all about thrilling rides at Nickelodeon Universe, an amusement park next to our hotel. We got there later than planned and needed to move quickly to get to all the rides we wanted to experience. And, what an experience!   After a warm-up on tamer rides, it was on to a roller coaster. The Orange Streak speeds down a twisting, turning track, leaving nothing but screams and startled pedestrians in its wake. At Nickelodeon Universe the staff wears bright t-shirts that say “We want to hear your screams!” My grandson took them at their word.   After a short wait in line, we began our ascent before plunging, tossing, and reeling for several minutes. We screamed the whole way. When we came around the last turn, two girls in front of us craned their necks to spy my grandson enjoying himself at full throttle. I looked at the girls and yelled over the commotion, “They wanted to hear our scream. We gave it to them!”   Before we could call it a day, we had to do the Log Chute. Though this water adventure had quite the wait, it was the one attraction we both wanted to do. As the line crawled along, we had time to think about what lay ahead and knew we would travel through a cavernous mountain that ended with a forty-foot drop.     We were ready for this, we thought; and before too long, we were climbing aboard the log, straddling a bench with no seat belt to hold us into the ride.   What were we thinking? My grandson, feeling like he could fall out of the log, turned around to me and said with urgency, “Hold me, Grandpa. Don’t let me go!” I looked at him and said, “I got you buddy. Believe me, I won’t let you go.”   When we made another turn picking up speed, he repeated, “Don’t let me go!” And I repeated, “I won’t.”   Nearing the end of the ride knowing the forty-foot drop awaited, I heard one more time, “Grandpa, hold me tight. Grandpa, don’t let me go! I don’t want to fall.” Even though I had not let him go, I told him, “I will hold you. You are safe with me.”     The log carrying us plunged what seemed like more than forty feet straight down, splashing us and holding our stomach hostage. But we made it, and with much effort, I did not let him go.   Holding On in Another Time   Long ago, a man in Jerusalem committed many crimes against people in the area. Ruthless and willing to do whatever it took, he was caught breaking into the home of a prominent Roman citizen. Eventually captured by Roman soldiers, he was tried and quickly found guilty, which meant death in those times.     The Roman magistrate had many choices in using the death penalty. The magistrate could bury him alive, throw him from a cliff, or burn him to death.   The decision was made that day this thief would be crucified with two others. His punishment began by scourging. The whip used consisted of metal thongs with pieces of pottery attached to the tips of each strand. The thief was struck thirty-eight times.   The custom was for the condemned to carry his own cross to the place of execution outside the city. When the journey was complete, he was nailed to the cross and it was set in place. Another criminal was already there. The thief knew him because criminals share a bond.     Soon another man appeared. The crowd was following him and chanting, “Jesus, Son of God! The Chosen One.” Hours crawled on as those present waited for the spectacle to end. Suddenly, the other criminal scoffed at Jesus, “King of the Jews, save yourself! And us!”     The thief, overwhelmed, could only say, “Do you not fear God, since you are under the same sentence of condemnation? We are receiving the due reward of our deeds; but this man has done nothing wrong.”   He continued by saying to Jesus this time, “Remember me when you come into your Kingdom.”   And Jesus replied, “Truly you will be with me in Paradise.”   What the thief was asking that day was, “Jesus will you hold me? Don’t let me go!”   By His reply, Jesus meant, “I will hold you through death, then deliver you to Paradise. You will always be with me, I will not let you go.”   This promise Jesus gave the thief who asked for Jesus’ rescue is the same promise He gives all of those who seek Him.   He says to you and to me, “I will hold you through life. There will be times when you will forget that I have you, but remember I am holding you tight and will not let you go.” 

-excerpt from Called to Be a Warrior,Encouragement for the Battle in All of Life’s Challenges by David B. Weikel

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