Peace Amid Panic and Pandemic: Who Can Help Us?

Peace Amid Panic and Pandemic:     A few days ago while listening to the radio, I heard the daily press conference updates which the President and the Task Force team gave. When it came to the Q & A time, I heard an exchange that has bothered me since.

After some back and forth to clarify specifics, a journalist named Peter asked an open-ended “feeling” question something like, “What do you say to the people who live in fear?” Immediately, the weary Commander-in-Chief snapped back by claiming “sensationalism” and faulty journalism.

After weeks of intense work, pressure, and unknowns, I could appreciate how this question might have felt like a trap and back-handed criticism, despite the obvious care and concern the Team was exhibiting.

However, not knowing the motives of either party, I’ve been mulling over other responses:

Past Crises  Though I didn’t live through the era, I’ve heard FDR’s inaugural speech in the depth of the Depression. “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself…” That response was planned for and carefully worded. Not a surprise.

Not many years later, Winston Churchill rallied the nation when the Nazi’s were at the door. He said, “Never, never, never give up!” And it would take their “blood, sweat, and tears” to see them through. Both men had the media’s support at that critical time.

Our Real Enemy  What occurred to me now was a missed opportunity to admit the panic and paranoia many have displayed, and recognize this human tendency in any crisis. Feelings of helplessness run high, as we react irrationally in survival mode. (Who needs that much toilet paper?!)

However, we are not alone as mere humans with this “invisible enemy.” As we face weeks perhaps months of disruption, we still have choices and can turn to faith in our fears. Fears about death, lost wages, missed opportunities, what this means going forward, and so on.

Though politically sensitive in our society, let me say, there is a God in heaven who is sovereign, Almighty, and shows mercy. This perspective is shared by many who trust more in the God of the universe, who has allowed this trial and turbulence at this appointed time, than human solutions and governmental aid. The Scriptures are evidence of His comfort and wisdom, though people were desperate and afraid.

Make no mistake, we also have an “invisible enemy” of our souls. He has been with us since the beginning of time. He is a “liar, a thief, and a murderer.” Our weapons of warfare are clearly stated in God’s Word. He doesn’t leave us defenseless.

Take Action  So, continue to pray for our leaders who make decisions for us and tirelessly seek answers, while we share this burden. Let us lift up one another and find creative ways to not live in despair, and let God’s Spirit renew our hope daily.

If this message resonates with you, please forward it to those who might need it. 

By : Beth Weikel /April 13, 2020 /By His Design Blog, Uncategorized /Comments Off on Peace Amid Panic and Pandemic: Who Can Help Us?

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