“More Than 100 Reasons to Trust God in Turbulent Times”

He is: always good, Almighty, “Abba Father,” Author & Finisher of my faith, my Anchor/Rock, Beloved, boundless, the Amen, my adequacy, Alpha & Omega, my advocate, Creator, Counselor, Conqueror, compassionate, Comforter, Deliverer, Defender, my desire, everlasting, Emmanuel, Encourager, enthroned, exalted, Friend, forgiving, faithful, forsaken, fairest…, my foundation, great, gracious, Gift & Giver, Guardian, humble servant, Head, Helper, Healer, hiding place, incomparable, infinite, infallible, indwelling, Intercessor, Judge/just, Joy, King, Kinsman, kind, Keeper, Light, Life, Love, Listener, Maker, Most High, meek, merciful, …Morning Star, near, Nurturer, Overcomer, Omni (all)- knowing… present… powerful, patient, Peace, Physician, Prophet, Priest, Protector, Provider, precious Lamb…, priceless, persistent, Pearl of Great Price, Potter, pure, Quickener, Quietness, Refiner, Resurrection, Refuge, radiant, Ransom, Refresher, Rewarder, Restorer, Rod, Rest, Sacrifice, Shepherd, Spirit, Satisfier, my strength & shield, steadfast, Supreme, my song, Sovereign, slow to anger, Sower, transcendent, Teacher, true, tender, transforms, unchangeable, understanding, unhurried, unfailing, unwearied, Uniter, Uplifter, unhindered, my vision, Vindicator, Vine, Way, Wisdom, worthy, Watcher, wounded for me, yearned for, yoked, zealous!

When times are hard, people are mean, and resources are scarce, review what you know, what you are sure of, not what your fears and hurts are telling you. Retrieving life from loss is about –finding God’s purpose in the past, His meaning in the present, and His hope for the future. Make your own 100 list starting today; it will do your heart and mind good.

By : Beth Weikel /January 11, 2018 /By His Design Blog /Comments Off on “More Than 100 Reasons to Trust God in Turbulent Times”

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    Dave and Beth Weikel have worked in full-time ministry, business, and public education for over 30 years. God is using their season of loss to provide hope and healing for others.
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