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Jehoshaphat’s Crisis and the Prophet’s Response

The enemies of Judah showed up suddenly outside Jerusalem to make war in a time of peace.

When the report came, King Jehoshaphat was struck with fear, because the enemies’ combined armies far outnumbered Judah’s.

After declaring a fast for the nation, so they could seek God, they all came from their cities to hear from the Lord.

“All Judah was standing before the Lord, with their infants, their wives, and their children,” when the king spoke. His wise and humble prayer is recorded in II Chronicles 20:6-12.

In effect, he acknowledged the true God and admitted, “We are powerless before this great multitude coming against us, nor do we know what to do; but our eyes are on You.”

“Then, in the midst of the assembly the spirit of the Lord filled Jahaziel…and he said, Listen all Judah…and King Jehoshaphat, thus says the Lord to you” (v. 14-15).

What this obscure prophet relayed to everyone was God’s battle plan when they went out to face the enemy. What God had planned the next day for them was to show up to praise Him, while He dealt with the enemy (v. 16-25).

After Jahaziel spoke, everyone, including the King, bowed their heads and fell down before the Lord to worship Him.

They knew that God’s prophet had spoken and this was the way to victory.

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From Pastors Interviewed:

When people experience tragedy in their lives, how do they typically respond?

  1. Many who experience loss in life find themselves desperate for answers… Any answers.
  2. People who’ve had more than one loss in quick succession begin doubting if there’s a God who cares.
  3. People dealing with the loss of a home are confused and
  4. don’t know where to turn. If it’s due to a disaster, many times they’ve lost everything they own.
  5. Desperate…disoriented…depressed
  6. People who are suffering often get angry, so they lash out at God and others.
  7. They stop going to church, even though the church is available for help.
  8. When living with a tragedy, family life disintegrates.
  9. People feel guilty and helpless.
  10. Secondary losses can be a significant part of the impact of the initial loss.
  11. Sleep after loss is a challenge. They can’t get adequate rest.
  12. People don’t prepare for loss. It usually takes them by surprise.
  13. People walk around for years with deep pain, not knowing what to do to recover. Quality of life suffers.
  14. When dreams are dashed, hope becomes illusive.
  15. Many walk away from the church and God. It’s been reported that ninety percent will not return to the Lord in any significant way.


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